Friday, 23 November 2012

Ryan James; Secrets of the Earth, 27th Nov - 2nd Dec 2012

“Like lots of artists I experiment constantly with different mediums and forms of expression although I always seem to come back to drawing and painting characters. Each one represents a thought, idea or belief I hold. Some tell a small story or represent a time in my life. In this particular collection I wanted to begin looking into our connection with nature. How we are intricately a part of a vast system that we often overlook. Horns were traditionally used in pagan mythologies to represent a connection with the divine and the divine aspects of nature and more of that seems to have appeared in my work recently. I genuinely have no idea who I am about to draw when these characters appear but they seem to come with distinct personalities and demands of their own. Some are secretive and take time to show up on the canvas while others are bold and bright and quite enjoy being the centre of attention. I feel like I am a passenger in their evolution and hold that role as something special to me."  Hope that’s enough, if you need more let me know! See you tomorrow! Ryan James     

Thursday, 15 November 2012

  in a washing up bubble
Raphael calls me
50foot soft green wings
an emerald cave,
a door in a mountain
dancing in my brokeness
will you dance with me
take it slow
with my baby bethan gurgling
the light shines through her eyes
the glass is half full
its cold outside
so wrap up to protect yourself
you are precious like
 the diamond ice out there