Monday, 15 July 2013

Retrosexual Clothing Exhibition Review by Cathy Evans

Retrosexual Clothing is a young, fresh & funky clothing company. It's an explosion of colour, VW cars & butterflies in motion; really bringing the slogan: 'Let the good times roll' to life.

The colours are bright and the design is bold, throwing itself from garment to the world,announcing itself in its teasingly, Woodstock-remniscient wording, we are 'Retrosexual Clothing!' It's more than just stylish though. These clothes are practical, a variety of vests, tees & hoodies that will take us all through summer to winter. This is style with substance, hearkening back to surfing, skating and music scenes.
The company are branching out creatively too: with paintings, art and clocks, by friends. The clocks are carved from wood and shaped like VW vans, corresponding with the clothing, and the deeply, rich paintings act as a backdrop, to an already vibrant world.
It is clear that Retrosexual want to say: let's have some fun. They successfully do this through their designs, making us feel we are part of the surf, the skate and the music.

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