Saturday, 8 June 2013

Jess Leigh Roberts Exhibition Reviews

Jess Leigh Roberts

     Exhibition Reviews           

Image By Jess Roberts

“White Space Deleted”         

 Contemporary artist Jessica Leigh offers a dynamic and captivating experience in her latest exhibition “White Space Deleted”. The bold use of colour, texture and layering is something that immediately takes you into the narrative of each piece whilst also offering a gentle playful use of light. From a multi canvas dissection to an outright visual assault Jessica is not afraid to let the paint dictate the direction of each piece which allows for a refreshing collaborative experience.

            Each painting offers an injection of vibrant colours that are delivered to each canvas with a surgical like precision. Gentle spattering and carved paint feature strongly in this collection bringing an almost multimedia dynamic. Playful titles do add a sense of the care free but this is only lightly dusted over the striking and bold statements each piece of work conveys.

            With so many pieces sold in this exhibit it's clear to see that Jessica's art is striking a chord with collectors and fellow artists. Jessica even took the time to let her collectors meet her and watch her paint as she set up an easel for a live painting show in the gallery itself. For those with a passion for the abstract and contemporary Jessica Leigh is not only one to keep an eye on but one also definitely worth investing in.

Ryan James

When you walk in you feel you are floating between several worlds. Shimmering surfaces that reflect or swallow light. spiritual and spatial undercurrents made up of dots splurges, fractured lines which give rise to a feeling of flying. Colours drip and flow, adults and children bend and peer.
                                                                                                                        By Sarah Evans


                                                                                          Images by Ryan James                                                                    


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