Thursday, 18 June 2015

15 Hundred Lives Artist collective

With Graham Parker's 2 week show at Oriel Bach finishing this Saturday I thought it would be good time to mention the artist collective Graham is a member of. The group is called the The 15 Hundred Lives Artist Collective and comprises Graham Parker, Rose Davies and Sylvie Evans.

Graham is a painter currently concentrating on the power and beauty of the sea with his solo exhibition at Oriel Bach entitled 'The sea my dangerous love'

Rose is a Swansea based printmaker. A great insight into her work can be found on her blog.

Sylvie is a Swansea based artist who specialises in collage.

The aim of the collective is to "show contemporary and accessible visual art in Swansea" and to generate new opportunities for visual artists both locally and further afield. An example of this is shown in the video below. Rose took part in a print workshop in the U.S. and after returning to Swansea used her new knowledge and contacts to put together a collaborative portfolio. Local artists worked in Swansea Print Workshop and created a series of prints which was in turn exhibited both in America and then back in Wales.

If you are interested in the work of the collective or any of its member artists and would like to get in touch please contact the 15 Hundred Lives Artist collective here.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Graham Parker-'The Sea My Dangerous Love'

Graham Parker, Swansea's own seascape artist, launches an exhibition of new work at Oriel Bach, the little gallery in Mumbles, this week.

"I've named the show 'The Sea my Dangerous Love' after a beautiful poem by Melanie Kinge, who imbues her poems with the same spirit of Swansea Bay’s constantly changing shoreline that I aim for in my paintings." Explains Graham. 

"I'm delighted to be showing my work again at Oriel Bach. It's one of my favorite galleries. Visitors can always look forward to a variety of styles and media, with regular and intriguing exhibitions of both traditional and more cutting edge contemporary artworks"

"I price my work reasonably, so that it can be enjoyed by many people in their own homes. Nothing makes me happier than when someone likes my work enough to make it a part of their life. That's always a real honour for me." Says Graham.

Gallery manager Elaine Wright says: "It's a pleasure to welcome Graham back to Oriel Bach. His previous show here was very successful and I'm expecting that even more people will want to acquire one of his beautiful paintings. We've been fortunate to exhibit a number of excellent artists and photographers this year. Graham is an artists who is able to capture the spirit of the sea during a raging storm or on a beautiful tranquil sunny day. His work takes you to a place where you can feel the sea-spray on your face."

WHAT: ‘The Sea my Dangerous Love’. 

WHERE: Oriel Bach, the Little Gallery in Mumbles, 

WHEN: The Gallery is open from Tuesday 9 June to Saturday 20 June, Monday to Saturday, between 11am — 4:00pm.