Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lightscapes and Landscapes, recent work by Terry W Scales

Terry W Scales

Lightscapes and Landscapes

27th April - 9th May 2015

Oriel Bach, 4 Dunns Lane, Mumbles.

We are proud to be hosting Terry W Scales most recent exhibition here at Oriel Bach. Terry has had an illustrious career as an artist spanning from 1966 as a student of Fine Art Sculpture at Hornsey College of Art to the present day here in Mumbles.

Terry's subject matter is broadly colour, light and reflection but his medium has been diverse to say the least and the work exhibited here though smaller in scale than some of his previous work retains the dramatic quality of his larger pieces.

Looking through the catalogue here in the gallery it would seem strange that Terry's work would translate to a smaller space like Oriel Bach. Terry's work has been displayed in public spaces, The Whitechapel Gallery, The Geffrye Museum and at various major art festivals throughout the UK. Terry formed the Touring Theatre of Pneumatic Art in the late 70's which created and toured architectural scale, vinyl inflatable environments which could be both explored by the viewer and used as performance spaces.
Field patterns transformed red, 2014 Terry W Scales
Brightly coloured and labrynthine the structures were made to be explored and enjoyed as well as being portable sculptures. Seemingly far from the current work displayed here at Oriel Bach but the same recurring themes of colour and light can be seen in all of Terry's work. 
Mandarah Complex 1, 1977 Terry W Scales
Terry's exhibition is on at Oriel Bach until the 9th of May. There will be a private view held on Friday 1st May from 7 till 9pm at the gallery so come along and meet the artist.

And in other news.........the new sign on the wall outside the gallery is currently being painted.

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